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Meet Keith & Nhan

Joy McDougal grew up overseas in Manila, Philippines for seventeen years where she grew to love the Filipino culture and more importantly, the Filipino people. While there are hundreds of different needs to be met and ministries to join, Joy’s heart was always for the street kids who lived right within her city. In her high school years, she invested most of her time teaching Filipino kids of all ages how to play soccer and pouring into their lives. The more time she spent with the kids, the more she got to know their families and livelihood. Even when she went back to Texas for college, she never lost her passion and heart for the Filipino people and her desire to make a difference, whether great or small. 

Five years later, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Joy is following the Lord’s calling that He placed on her heart all those years ago and is partnering with Agape Impact Ministries. She will be working as a nurse for the orphanage while also training under a pediatrician at Shalom, a birthing home, and gaining experience as their neonatal intensive care nurse. She is excited to see what the Lord has for her and to be pouring into those she loves most.

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